The Phallosan Forte: Could This Be the Best Stretching Device?

Are you looking for the safest way to increase the size of your penis? Do you have an incurvate penis, a small penis, or just want to get a little bit bigger to satisfy your own confidence?

With over a decade of experience in the lengthening and strengthening field, Phallosan takes a different approach to stretching the tissues of the penis.


Instead of putting tension behind the glans of the penis, the Phallosan Forte uses a vacuum system that encompasses the entire penis.

It is the only patented orthopedic belt system in the world today. If you’ve had mixed results from traditional stretching devices, then the vacuum protector technology of this system could be the answer to your needs.

How Does This Device Work?

The premise behind stretching the tissues of the penis is sound science. When the tissues are stretched, the cells that make up those tissues are naturally encouraged to divide. This creates a natural environment for the body to react in three primary ways.

  1. More tissue cells are created, lengthening the size of the penis in both the flaccid and erect state.
  2. Blood vessels are stretched and lengthened as well, improving blood circulation and therefore giving guys harder erections.
  3. More strength is developed, giving men better control over their personal sexual experience.

What Phallosan brings to the market is a device that is absolutely painless when it is worn correctly. It can even be worn at night because the system adapts to the penis whenever there is an erection taking place. There is very little risk of injury because there is no blood flow blockage taking place. There is just a very faint vacuum that is felt on the penis, creating a comfortable wearing experience that can work all day!

What About Swelling and Redness?

One of the big problems that happens with a penis stretching device is that the head or foreskin of the penis can end up becoming very swollen and red or even purple because the blood flow gets trapped. A protector cap is used with this system to protect against this exact scenario. It counters a suction that might be a little too strong by compressing the tissues down upon themselves while being stretched. Think of it like a compression sleeve you’d wear on your arm while playing basketball. It’s the same scientific concept!

The final advantage that guys get with this system is the fact that it is approved by European health authorities and it conforms to EC council directives for safety. The materials used are latex-free, reducing the chances of an allergic reaction. The support belt is made from a foam silicone that is of a medical grade. The entire manufacturing process is also free of formaldehyde.

What is the result? A safe, painless system that helps to consistently stretch your penis so it can grow very quickly! If you’ve had poor or mixed results from tension-styles of a penis stretcher, then try the Phallosan system today. It could be the answer to all of your problems!

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